Document & Information Workflows for 
Virtual Agents. Voice AI Bots. Customer Service Reps. Live Agents. Developers. Managers. Compliance. You.
Advanced Content Delivery and Document Automation for an AI World.

BNDRs in Action

Virtual Agents/Bots
Bots can now deliver marketing content, e-signature, and document workflows
Status of cybersecurity& compliance programs in one place for CISOs & BoDs
Key business-health data including revenue, finance, and employees

We'll help you get started!

Example BNDR of Use Case
We can help you deploy bndr workflows in minutes including:
•  Virtual Agent document workflows
•  Product packets for customers
•  In-cloud bndr integrations (AWS only)
•  Compliance roll-up reports
•  Automated information collection
….and more

See how BNDR works for you

Compile links, files & content in shareable BNDRs, & add sticky notes, labels, dividers, & highlights.
Assign actions & sequence them across content to efficiently accomplish tasks.
Track all engagement- who's looking at what shared content and for how long.
Create & use our templates to apply repeatable processes in minutes.

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