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Create & use repeatable business process templates: onboarding, offboarding, sprints, and audits… before it’s too late.

Some of the ways people are using BNDR

Customer Deliverables
BNDR can be used for customer deliverables

Share & track mixed-media content packets across emails & messages.

Business Processes
BNDR can be used for business processes

Build custom processes or start from templates; HR to Partner approvals.

Sales Materials
BNDR can be used for sales materials

Overlay comments on docs & files in a trackable & shareable content links

See how BNDR works for you

Compile links, files & content in shareable BNDRs, & add sticky notes, labels, dividers, & highlights.
Assign actions & sequence them across content to efficiently accomplish tasks.
Track all engagement- who's looking at what shared content and for how long.
Create & use our templates to apply repeatable processes in minutes.

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